Welcome to Zen Warrior Training

It is with a warm and welcoming heart that I welcome you to this website.  The mission of Zen Warrior Training is simple, yet profound – deprogramming our conditioned minds to be able to access the infinite wisdom and potential that is available to all of us.  We are far closer to a powerful and abundant relationship with ourselves and the world around us than we think we are.  In fact, it’s already right here, right now.  The “trick” is learning how to get out of our own way and open up to a broader perspective of who we are.  Within us all is a silent and powerful master leading us into an ever-deepening connection with ourselves.  Whatever limits we place on ourselves, we have done so for a reason.  But all too often, we forget to remove those limitations when they are no longer needed.  As we shed what we don’t need anymore, new growth can occur.  I’m not just using a nature analogy.  We ARE nature.

So what is needed in order to keep movement happening in our lives?  A steady heart and a deep conviction – nothing more, nothing less.  And as long as you are committed to growth, your heart will keep steadying and your conviction will keep deepening.  As a trainer in the art of the Zen Warrior, I am here to help to guide you along the path to self-realization.