Sam Morris

Founder and Creator of Zen Warrior Training

Unfortunately, in the coaching world, there is a low bar for entry. Most life and business coaches are certified through some program and think they give good advice.

The rare coaches on the other end of the spectrum are professional mentors who have earned their credibility through overcoming seemingly impossible challenges and teaching hundreds or thousands of others how to do the same.

If you are looking for the former – someone who can simply help you to structure your goals and stay accountable to yourself – that’s great, but I’m not your guy. But if you are looking for someone who lives and breathes personal transformation and can support your own unique transformative process, read on.

There is a big difference between learning skills like how to set and achieve goals and developing the profound wisdom that helps you to become a fully self-actualized human being. My journey to becoming a coach was forged in the pit of hell, a place so familiar to me that I could be a tour guide.

Starting when I was a kid, I could see that even the most “successful” people in the world weren’t experiencing real success. They may have been making money and having influence, but, more often than not, they were living a lie. They weren’t really fulfilled. They weren’t really successful. They were working for money, not wealth. They were working for status, not fulfillment. That’s still true today.

Seeing the lies that people told themselves about who they were and what being “successful” meant disturbed me to my core.  The only solace I could find in this world was in my connection to my body and nature through hiking, snowboarding, skiing and cycling.

Then, in 1999, at the age of twenty-four, I began my hero’s journey, a descent into an unimaginable darkness. I experienced one of the most intense traumas a human being can go through. Just after leading a group of teenage cyclists on a 3,800 mile trek across the United States, a car accident caused by a drunk driver left me paralyzed from the waist down. I had to start my life all over again. I had to learn to access an inner power that I didn’t know I had. And I had to do it every fucking minute of every fucking day.

I immersed myself in years of training with some of the world’s most skilled healers, shamans, therapists and coaches. And despite the fact that circumstances related to my injury caused me to be immobilized in hospital beds for over two years, I managed to get the support that I needed to deepen my connection to my potential and become self-actualized as a whole new being, an upgraded version of myself.

Through this transformative process, I was given a gift. It was the gift of helping high performers to experience the real success that I had always seen that they were missing out on – the type of success that can only come when people learn to tap into the power of their souls.

You see, when people let go of who they think they should be based on what the culture has conditioned them to think (otherwise known as the false ego) and discover who they really are, they can change the world. 

Through my speaking, workshops and VIP coaching work, I’ve helped people around the world to discover the power of their souls and the brilliance of their minds and bodies. I train high performers how to navigate seemingly impossible circumstances gracefully and come out in a far more empowered place than where they started.

The new leaders of the world will be those who discover their souls’ unique gifts, live from their hearts, overcome their illusions of separateness and discover the power of who they really are.

I’m Sam Morris, Founder and Creator of Zen Warrior Training®, student of life and admirer of the universe, and I’m ready to connect with you if you’re ready to discover your soul’s potential.

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