Meet Sam Morris

Founder and Creator of Zen Warrior Training

I am a lover of nature and I live in awe of it’s power and beauty.

I am a husband, an artist, a musician and an adaptive athlete.

I believe that every moment is the perfect moment for self-discovery.

I believe that when people let go of who they think they should be and discover who they really are, they can change the world. 

I’ve lived two distinctly different lives – the life of an able-bodied athlete, and the life of a paraplegic. 

I’ve helped thousands of people to discover the power of their souls and the brilliance of their minds and bodies. I train high performers how to navigate seemingly impossible circumstances gracefully and come out in a better place than where they started. 

I believe the future of the earth depends on each of us discovering our gifts, living from our hearts, overcoming our illusions of separateness and taking the power of who we really are back. 

I’m Sam Morris, Founder and Creator of Zen Warrior Training®, student of life and admirer of reality, and I’m ready to meet you if you’re ready to discover the upgraded version of you.

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