High performers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals...
- Ted Whetstone
Chief Catalyst, BreakthruThink
“Sam is so grounded and his commitment to Zen mastery is in the practice of integrating it and making it real in your life and your work, and that’s the difference. I could read, I could learn, but nothing transforms me like making that commitment and he has that capacity. He is totally in the moment. He is right there, and to me that’s almost scary. But he is listening. He walks his talk. He is the guy. You will love him. I do.” 
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Let me ask you...
Are you facing challenges that seem too difficult to overcome?

Do you keep running into the same problem over and over again?

Do you keep repeating the same stressful thoughts in your head - often feeling paralyzed and unable to move forward?

Have you been working to work - meaning make money and pay bills… but you’re growing less and less fulfilled and know something has got to change? 

Have you struggled to experience authentic, loving, honest, and supportive relationships with your family or partner… perhaps causing a divorce, separation, or feelings of loneliness?

Do you long for a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose in your life, career and contribution to the world?

Are you sick of feeling like your power is being robbed from you?

In The Zen Warrior Training® Total Transformation Program, I'll personally mentor and guide you into transforming your challenges and reaching your next level of potential.

You and me, one-on-one, over the phone or video chat. 

Let Zen Warrior Training Total Transformation Program 
graduate John Livesay tell you about his amazing results.

“Sam is brilliant at what he does. You really have to experience Sam to believe it. He knows when to listen and when to instruct, and he strikes the perfect balance between empathy and pushing for action. He does not coddle; instead, he navigates with insight, expertise, and unwavering confidence in his belief that our greatness is within us.” - Katie Jaroch
“I was assaulted and left with a cervical spine injury and spinal fusion surgery. These past three years of rehabilitation wouldn't have been bearable had it not been for a kismet encounter with Sam Morris. His encouraging perspective on my future has been the cornerstone of my recovery. Zen Warrior Training has guided me in a positive growth goal-oriented direction, utilizing practical methods and modalities simply aligned with one’s intuitive heart consciousness. No phony baloney snake oil salesmen fake enlightenment. Zen Warrior Training's progressively grounded techniques for a rapidly advancing society have relieved my stressful worries. The truth truly has set me free. Thank you, Sam.” 
 - Roberto Luis Santana, Actor, Director

Founder of
Zen Warrior Training

First, we’ll get on a call together and discuss:

- What challenges are you facing?

- What vision do you hold?

- Are you willing to get outside your comfort zone?

- Why will working together be an amazing investment of my time and energy?

- And what’s your next most valuable step?

Next, as we step into our work together, we’ll focus on 3 core outcomes:

1. Freeing yourself from the past, so you can let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good.

2. Bringing your full system - body, mind, and spirit - online, so you can access your wisdom, presence, focus and vitality. 

3. Living your vision now, so you can be driven by purpose in every moment and reach your next level of success on your terms. 
A Few Final Words

No matter how driven or successful you are in life, sometimes life can throw you curveballs which seem to derail you. Zen Warrior Training is here to put you back on track.  

When I became paraplegic, I had to learn the hard way how to overcome unthinkable challenges. My goal is to make it much easier for you than it has been for me by sharing what I've learned. 

Here's what I've found..

By discovering the innate wisdom that is inside you, you can turn any obstacle into an opportunity
If you know that now is a moment in life where you’re being asked to change and grow like never before…

If you know that you want a guide, a mentor, a support, and a systematic approach to embodying your next level of potential…

Then I encourage you to apply. 

You don’t have to swim through uncharted waters by yourself. 

Click the button below, fill out the quick application, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

With Love of Life,

Sam Morris
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