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"Beyond Limits" - a reality series about the world's most highly accomplished disabled athletes mentoring similarly challenged individuals on the adventure of a lifetime

Currently in pre-production.



“Sam’s emergence as a heart-centered visionary in the human performance space is undeniable. He knows it because he’s lived it. A living testimonial to the triumph of the human spirit.”
– Jeff Spencer
Elite Performance Coach to Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Dave Asprey

“Sam is amazing. He’s got some serious spunk. Most people don’t realize how paralyzed they are
from the neck up, and Sam is perfect for them.”

– Nolan Bushnell
Founder and Creator of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese and Steve Jobs' mentor


"As a mentor, my goal is to discover the best people with the deepest amount of value to offer and goodness to bring to the world and help them land in their future. I am getting a little emotional as I write this because Sam brings so much to the world and his clients. He brings the very best out of them that they didn't even know they had."
– Simon Wainwaring
Founder/CEO, We First, Inc.

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