Great leaders are like swords.

They are forged in the foundry of adversity.

The hammering, the grinding and the inferno of challenges tests them to their limits.

Most mortals break at this point.

But great leaders only become sharper. They learn to fight the battles of life with effortless precision.

This is the way of the Zen Warrior.

Hidden within your challenges are your greatest opportunities.

Don't let them slip away.

This is not the world your parents grew up in. 

Anxiety, depression and stress are at an all-time high as we navigate constantly evolving challenges. 

As the speed of change increases, it can be hard to keep up. 

The 21st Century leader needs to be like a samurai wielding a sword. 

They need to overcome their limiting beliefs, think on their feet and anticipate change before it happens. 

They must be vital, present and magnetic and seize opportunities when they come.

21st Century leadership is as much about the inner work as it is about the outer work. 

That’s where I come in. My name is Sam Morris and I help leaders transform their greatest challenges into opportunities for growth.

When my clients come to me, they are often stuck, anxious, self-critical and overwhelmed. 

Through our work together, they find the gifts inside their adversity and step into a level of potential they were previously unaware of. 

Ahh, shucks. Thanks, guys...

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