Most leaders want less stress and more happiness and fulfillment.

Very few know how to find it.

Are you ready to free your mind and tap into your power?

“At times our strengths propel us so far forward, we cannot endure our weakness and perish from it.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

For most executives, leaders and other high achievers, anxiety and stress are so common that they are practically expected as a necessary part of life. Some high achievers even take pride in the amount of stress they endure. That’s just crazy, if you ask me.

That stress only adds to the burden of life. It’s no wonder so much of our greatest potential slips away. Humans aren’t designed to carry the type of stress that is so common in today’s world. That much stress can only lead to emotional reactivity, poor decision making, anxiety, fatigue, relationship issues, and, frequently, chronic disease.

Through my private executive coaching work with Zen Warrior Training®, I help my clients to dramatically reduce the stress they experience and tap into a sustainable and relaxed state of equanimity; where mind, body and spirit are acting in their natural and most powerful state of energetic alignment. 

Your mind is a beautiful and extraordinary thing, but it doesn’t always feel that way, does it?

When the mind, body and spirit are working together the way they supposed to, the result is incredibly liberating.

Imagine all that mental noise in your head gone and replaced by a peaceful, confident, focused state of awareness. This is the mind’s natural state, and with the help of my training, you can transform your challenges and live from that state of being. You become like the eye of the hurricane. While chaos is happening around you, you remain in a calm and peaceful state.

Everything changes. You become far more magnetic. Far more vital. You make better decisions. Your relationships improve dramatically. Your confidence becomes unstoppable. And the changes are permanent. You will be able to apply the same principles and techniques that I teach you throughout the rest of your life and adapt them to any future challenge.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s priceless.

“To be normal is the ultimate aim of the unsuccessful.” – Carl Gustaf Jung

My executive coaching clients come to me when they are ready to make a significant, one-time investment that will change the course of their lives. In exchange for this investment, they receive individualized attention customized to maximize their potential over the course of our engagement. The length of the engagement, frequency of sessions and program rate are determined by the unique needs of each individual.

Working with me is not for those who wish to have their hands held. I am not a therapist and I don’t charge by the hour. My rates are based on the degree of transformation that I typically see with my clients and the level of commitment that I expect from them.

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