Are you a high performer who knows that you've got even greater potential within you?

zen warrior training will help you get there.

Does this describe you?

  You know how to set and achieve goals.

  You can manage teams effectively.

√  You’re a good problem solver.

√  You work diligently every day.

  You are proficient at making money.

Now, imagine a life like this:

♦  You live each day with a deep sense of purpose and abundance.

♦  You are connected to your unique genius and passionately share it with the world. 

♦  You transform every obstacle you encounter into an opportunity.

♦  You help the world evolve into a better place for future generations.

♦  You’ve optimized your health and happiness to live with physical strength and sustainable energy.

♦  You experience yourself as both peaceful and powerful, wherever you go.

This is the transformation that occurs when a high performer becomes a Zen Warrior.

I'm Sam Morris, Founder and Creator of Zen Warrior Training

Since 1999, I have been on a rare journey of empowerment. An accident caused by a drunk driver left me paraplegic. Life tested me to my very core. But determined not to be the victim of my circumstances, I embraced my own hero’s journey and came back with treasures to share. 

Executives, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, therapists, athletes and creative professionals come to me when they are ready to:

  • Discover the brilliance of their soul intelligence. 
  • Become healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled. 
  • Manifest what they truly desire in their lives. 
  • Optimize their thinking to get the results they want.
  • Transform their businesses as they transform themselves.

Life, when it is lived properly, is a process of becoming, of evolving into a greater expression of our true selves.

First, we tend to become the person that society tells us we should be. We may even master that game.

But, at a certain point, that game gets old, no matter how well we play it.

Most high performers plateau when they hit this point. Inspiration begins to wane. This frequently leads to the classic midlife crisis.

But the wise and intuitive person will notice that they are being called to greatness. They are being asked to step into their full potential, to express the unique gifts that only they have been given.

Zen Warrior Training teaches you how to master your inner world, to listen to the voice of guidance deep within, to shed the unconsious false conditioning and to become who you are here to be.

If you have a deep desire to transform into the next level of you, I invite you to apply.


The Zen Warrior Training Mastery Program is by invitation only, pending review of your application and an initial two-hour complimentary consultation. I am highly selective in those whom I choose to train. If you are a high performer who is willing to take on your own hero’s journey and become the elite performer you are destined to be, the Zen Warrior Training Mastery Program is perfect for you. 

The Zen Warrior Training Mastery Program is available in a one-on-one format, or with teams of 4-10.

The program is customized to meet your specific needs and goals. The structure of the program and the investment will be discussed at the close of the complimentary consultation. I have very limited time available so please only apply if you are truly serious and are likely to have both the commitment and the financial means to cover the investment.

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