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Most people seek "success" by controlling the world outside them.

Wisdom leaders find fulfillment by mastering the world within them.

“To be normal is the ultimate aim of the unsuccessful.” 
– Carl Gustaf Jung

Reality Check.

Let's be completely honest. Most “successful” people are unhappy or stressed out, but afraid to admit it.

Frequently, it’s only recognized and admitted to after an illness, injury, divorce or the loss of a job. It can be the most vulnerable thing to admit.

Many have worked their entire lives to climb the ladder, only to discover that the whole notion of worldly success as the path to fulfillment was a false promise. Sure, they might have the house, the vehicles, the money and the family, but there is a void that remains within them. There is a longing for less anxiety, less overwhelm and a sense of greater peace and satisfaction… a return to the blissful innocence and dreams of their youth.

Many go to therapy, hoping that a new understanding of their past might help clear things up. Some try to medicate themselves, either with prescriptions drugs or their own choices of medications.

Left unaddressed, this becomes a quiet desperation of the soul that never changes.

What they fail to see is that this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Through my private executive coaching work with Zen Warrior Training®, I help my clients to transform their relationship with their inner world and tap into the potential that exists at a soul level. Through doing so, they massively reduce the stress they experience and develop a sustainable and relaxed state of equanimity; where mind, body and spirit are acting in their natural and most powerful state of energetic alignment. This is where the magic happens. They go from forcing their way through life to being propelled forward by life's own forces. They magnetize great relationships, attract opportunities for greater wealth, and become healthier than ever, from a place of ease and equanimity.

One's mind is the most beautiful and extraordinary thing in all of creation, but when one is out of alignment with your soul, it feels like a prison, not like the heaven that it can be.

When the mind, body and spirit are working together the way they are supposed to, the results are incredibly liberating.

Imagine all that mental noise in your head gone and replaced by a peaceful, confident, focused state of awareness. This is the mind’s natural state, and with the help of my training, you can transform your adversity and live from that state of being. You become like the eye of the hurricane. While chaos is happening around you, you remain in a calm and peaceful state.

Everything changes. You become far more magnetic. Far more vital. You make better decisions. Your relationships improve dramatically. Your confidence becomes unstoppable. And the changes are permanent. You will be able to apply the same principles and techniques that I teach you throughout the rest of your life and adapt them to any future challenge. The investment you make will accrue a lifetime of benefits.



“Sam’s emergence as a heart-centered visionary in the human performance space is undeniable. He knows it because he’s lived it. A living testimonial to the triumph of the human spirit.”
– Jeff Spencer
Elite Performance Coach to Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Dave Asprey

“Sam is amazing. He’s got some serious spunk. Most people don’t realize how paralyzed they are
from the neck up, and Sam is perfect for them.”

– Nolan Bushnell
Founder and Creator of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese and Steve Jobs' mentor


"As a mentor, my goal is to discover the best people with the deepest amount of value to offer and goodness to bring to the world and help them land in their future. I am getting a little emotional as I write this because Sam brings so much to the world and his clients. He brings the very best out of them that they didn't even know they had."
– Simon Wainwaring
Founder/CEO, We First, Inc.

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